Shattered Union V - No Hope

June 23, 2017
  • Start: Jun 23 @ 12:00 pm
  • End: Jun 24 @ 5:30 pm
  • Venue: War Den Airsoft
  • Phone: (330) 827-9663
  • Address: 6798 Little Buckhorn Rd SW Stone Creek, Ohio 43840 U.S.
  • Web:

Event Information

Operation Shattered Union V - No Hope

All pre-registers will receive a custom commemorative challenge coin and a genuine military MRE.

Event Timeline                                    

Schedule: Friday June 23rd 

Camping set-up and Registration - NOON - 1700 

Initial safety briefing – 1800 

CO and squad leaders instruction – 1830 

Scenario #1 – 1845 - 2000 

Scenario #2 – 2030 - 2130

Bonfire – 2200

Lights out - MIDNIGHT 

Saturday June 24th 

Registration begins – 0730 

Squad Formation – 0900 

General safety / rule briefing – 0915 

Launch into start positions - 0930 

Scenario #3 - 1000 - 1230

Lunch– 1230 – 1330 

Scenario #4 - 1400 - 1700

Endex - 1700 

Raffle – 1730

Where will your loyalty reside?

It has been 7 years since the announcement that Texas was seceding from Union.  After years of intense fighting between the US Loyalists and the Republic of Texas the UN stepped in and tried to bring peace to the chaos.  Most people believed that the UN had brought peace between the two sides by negotiating a truce between them.  The terms included the creation and written acceptance of the Republic of Texas.  In turn the Republic of Texas begrudgingly handed over billions in gold reserves.  With little to no altercations in over a year the Republic of Texas began the painstaking process of getting their oil rigs and refinery’s back on-line.  With the pipeline thru to the west coast cut off they now had to establish a new trade route to export their oil. 

All seemed to be settling in to place when the unthinkable occurred,the CO of the Republic of Texas military forces has been reported missing.  On top of that oil rigs were being destroyed by what appeared to be military grade weapons.  Reeling from a broken economy the Republic of Texas military forces once again went to work to support and defend the fledgling country.  After proving that the US was backing the attacks against them the Texans mounted 2 major military offensive efforts. The Republic of Texas was able to successfully get it’s major oil rigs back on line as the new leader of the Republic closed a landmark deal between Mogul Oil and Black Watch Industries solidifying a trade route between Texas and the rest of the world.  The Texan Military now has to defend these trade routes from the openly aggressive US Loyalists.

After a successful year of defending the trade routes the Republic has received intel indicating that the United States Loyalist Forces were working on a weapon that would remotely disable the Texan refineries which would wreak havoc on the young country.

Will the Republic be able to defend against this potentially disastrous weapon and maintain their path toward independent success?  Will the US Loyalists be able to stop what in their eyes is a treasonous rebellion against the United States and bring the Texan land and it’s resources back into the US fold?

Where does your loyalty reside?

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