Field Rules

    FPS / Joule Limits:

    -  Field Class – Semi / Full Auto - 1.49J - 400 FPS (.20) 310 FPS (.33)

    -  CQB Class – Indoor Semi Auto– 1.24J - 365 FPS (.20)  285 FPS (.33)

    -  DMR Class - Semi-Auto(only)  AEG– 1.88J - 450 FPS (.20) 350 FPS (.33)

    -  Sniper Class – Approved Bolt Action -  2.32J - 500 FPS (.20) 380 FPS (.33)

    -  HPA – FPS Limit – 1.38J - 385 FPS (.20) 300 FPS (.33)

    -  These limits are the maximum allowed with the site chronograph and there is     no additional leeway. Any reading over the limit will mean that the weapon         cannot be used.

    -  Only AEGs are allowed for the DMR class.  No HPA or GAS.

    -  DMR class weapons must not be capable of full auto and must be approved       for the DMR class by War Den Airsoft.

    -  HPA / Gas weapons will be monitored for FPS/Joule creep.

    MED's (Minimum Engagement Distances)

    -  Anything up to 365 FPS has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 10ft

    -  Anything over 365 FPS has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 25ft.

    -  Anything over 400 FPS has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 50ft

    -  Anything over 450 FPS has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 100ft

    Ammo / BB's

    -  Biodegradable bb’s only are allowed at War Den Airsoft.

    -  Max bb weight allowed is .33g.


    Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Shown below are the main site and safety rules which must be complied with at all times. This will ensure that your day with us will be enjoyable and safe. A mobile phone will be available to call emergency services in the event of an accident and there is a comprehensive first aid kit provided on site as well as qualified first responders available.

    Protective Gear

    -  Goggles or full face masks must be worn on site at all times except in the safe    zone area. All eyewear must conform to  Z87.1 specifications.  Full Seal is          required.  Shooting and/or safety glasses will not be allowed.

    -  We advise full face protection. Any person under the age of 18 MUST wear a    full face mask, or the equivalent.

    -  If a player is found not wearing the correct eye / face protection they will be        asked to leave the site. It is your eyesight that you will be risking.

    - Approved eyewear / face masks are available for purchase or rent on site, but   availability is not guaranteed unless pre-ordered.

    - It is strongly advised that head protection, long sleeves, long pants, and   proper all-terrain boots be worn at War Den Airsoft.  This is at your discretion.

    - No open toed shoes allowed.


    - All magazines are to be removed and weapons discharged before entering the   safe area. All weapons are to be placed on safety while you are in the safe   zone area. Any person deliberately firing an airsoft weapon in the safe zone   will be asked to leave the site.

    - All weapons are to have an approved barrel obstruction device (ie. Barrel   sock, barrel plug) at all times in the safe zone.  These are available for sale or   rent at War Den Airsoft.

    - All weapons are to be chronographed prior to entering the field.  A tag will be   placed on your weapon to designate what class it falls under.

    - HPA rigs must be able to be locked out using a tamper evident zip tie provided   by War Den Airsoft.  If your HPA rig is not able to be locked out it will not be   allowed at War Den Airsoft.

    Game play rules

    - In the event of an emergency or any other reason why a game must be   stopped a signal (horn) will inform everyone to stop play.

    - If you hear the phrase “blind man” or “real world” you are to immediately place   your weapons on the ground in safe.

    - If your opponent is at close range you should give him/her the opportunity to   surrender by calling out “safety kill”.  You must be within the 25ft MED and   have your opponent “dead to rights”.  This means that you must be looking   down your sights and your opponent must be unprepared to defend   themselves.

    - If you and an opponent come face to face within the 25ft MED you should call   “parlay”.  At this time both players must disengage an equal, safe distance and   then reengage. Parlay's are mandatory.

    - Deliberate head shots at close range will result in that player being warned   and/or penalized. Head shots are only permitted when there is no other part of   your opponent visible and they are not at close range.

    - Blind fire is not permitted; weapons must not be hung around corners and   discharged blindly, as this could result in a player being hit several times in the   face at close range. Players need to be able to identify their target. If a player   signifies that they have been hit and raises their arm, no further deliberate   shots should be taken upon that person. This does not include ammunition   that may already be in flight.

    - Full Automatic fire is not allowed within 10ft of any building or any structure   with a 4ft or higher wall.  This means that you can’t fire full auto out of   building.  You can fire at a building in full auto only if you are 10 or more feet   away.

    - When you are hit, shout "hit, hit, hit" loudly.  Signify that you are out by placing   your dead rag on your head, and raising your arms and/or weapon above your   head.  If no medic rules are in place you may begin to move toward the   respawn zone if applicable. When turning a corner or going around objects   that obstruct vision, you can call out “dead man walking” to warn other players   that you are not still in the game. If you are in the thick of a fire fight feel free to   wait on the field with your hands raised until it is clear to pass.

    - Absolutely do not call other players hits.  If you suspect a player of cheating   please bring it to the attention of the Head Marshal.

    - If you are a confirmed cheater at War Den Airsoft you will be asked to leave   the field.  War Den Airsoft utilizes a peer review board to deal with the   identification of cheaters.  Call your hits!

    - Overkill – avoid overkill at all times, it only takes one round to eliminate   someone - there is no need to continue shooting, although a certain amount of   BB's may still be in flight after the initial hit.

    - Dead men do not talk.  If you are out of the game you may not under any   circumstance relay information to your teammates.


    - Only cold burning smoke grenades are allowed at War Den Airsoft.  You may     only use smoke or BB grenades that have been approved for use by War Den   Airsoft.

    - Smoke grenades are available for sale but are not available for anyone under   the age of 18.

    - If a smoke grenade is activated then do not attempt to pick it up as it will be       very hot and could cause serious burns if touched. If thunder b’s or BB   grenades are used, and do not detonate after you have thrown them - LEAVE   THEM ALONE - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK THEM UP!

    - Never throw grenades at another player.  Grenades must be thrown below the   waist or dropped thru a window.  Our buildings all have simulated roofs, so   grenades can’t be thrown into a building except thru a doorway or window.

    - Thunder B Grenades have a kill radius of 10ft.  If a Thunder B goes off in a   small room then all people in that room are considered hit.  If there is a solid   wall or cover between the player and the Thunder B grenade they are not   considered hit.

    - Grenades such as the Cyclone or Tornado Grenades must hit the participant   with a BB to be considered a “kill”.

    - No trip wire devices are allowed at War Den Airsoft.

    Site Information

    - The combat game area is defined by boundary tape. Players should not play     in any other area, or outside of the boundary tape.

    - Do not climb trees, do not deliberately damage shrubs, trees, plants or   structures.

    - Some areas of the land may be slippery and uneven and players should take   adequate care when entering or playing in these areas, particularly in wet           weather.

    - Be aware that there may be fallen trees, poison ivy, logs, brambles and other   obstructions on the ground and care should be taken when moving around         them.

    - Be aware of branches and beams that are at head height.

    - Structures have been built to enhance the playing enjoyment but are not   permanent and adequate care should be taken not to interfere with them so as   to render them unsafe.

    - Props are not to be moved unless instructed in the game rules.

    - You are not allowed under any circumstances to shoot at any birds or animals   that may be present. Anyone found doing so will be banned from the site.   Knives/bayonets are not permitted on site.

    - Profanity is not allowed at War Den Airsoft.  We are proud of the fact that we   are a family friendly airsoft field.  Please keep your language and actions PG!

    - Absolutely no physical altercations will be allowed at War Den Airsoft.  You will   be asked to leave the facility if you are involved in a physical altercation.

    - No verbal abuse or arguments will be allowed at War Den Airsoft.

    - Our marshals and staff will be available throughout the day to answer any   questions and to take appropriate action should any rules be broken.

    - All players must accept a marshal's decision as final, and remember.... it is a   game!